New Job Opportunities

New Job Opportunities

In Yıldız Holding, our doors are always open to new talents! By clicking «See» button on LinkedIn, you can view the job opportunities we offer in Turkey and in other locations around the world. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

As Yıldız Holding, we sincerely believe that diversity and inclusion are our cultural richness, and our actions are based on a notion shaped by providing equal opportunities and development for everyone including our employees and our suppliers. 


Employee Stories

At Yıldız Holding, we always write success stories. Our colleagues holding different job titles with different responsibilities, who work in different companies located in different countries, tell you their own stories.


pladis - Merve Gülşen Doğan

“During the two years I spent at Yıldız Holding, I worked on digital technologies and projects at Yıldız Tech, and now I continue my career in the UK at pladis Global. Seizing such an opportunity at a multicultural organization like Yıldız Holding..."


Godiva - Ceren Fırtın

I started working at Yildiz Holding since 2019, it has been 4 years so far. My first role was M&A specialist, then last year I got a promotion to M&A executive. One day, I received a phone call from Nurtac Afridi, Global CEO of Godiva and then my life has completely


pladis - Ece Ölçüm

Having started her career in Yıldız Holding as an intern, Ece Ölçüm continues her career path as “Supply Chain Operational Excellence Leader” in pladis and says:

Youth and Talent

Youth and Talent

The world undergoes a rapid change, so do the expectations of new generations. In Yıldız Holding, we realize many projects to help employment and development of young talents, and meet their expectations.  

Become a Shining Star

Become a Shining Star

While we are making young talents a part of Yıldız Holding through our employer brand «Become a Shining Star»,  we aim to make our current employees shine brighter by offering them upskilling opportunities. We bring new shining stars to the Yıldız Holding universe thanks to our transparent performance management, training opportunities, programs for young talents and many more opportunities. 

%40Women in Our Workforce

Our Board of Directors

The key factor that contributed to the success of Yıldız Holding is the dedication and hard work of our employees at all levels. This outstanding dedication and hard work are shaped by the strategy set forth by our managers and are reinforced by the experience of our top management.