Our Approach: This is our World
Yıldız Holding’s Sustainability Approach

Yıldız Holding’s Sustainability Approach

As humanity, we are at a crucial turning point. We all need a brand new perspective to solve the problems that the world and the society have already been facing. We cannot continue to use the current methods of doing business and the future does no look very bright. The path we choose today will determine our future. 

That being the case, we, as Yıldız Holding, we choose a new path and make a commitment that we will be a part of the inevitable transformation. We focus on efforts to make the world a better place, to contribute to the development of the society and humanity as well as building the future. But the first thing to do is to dedicate ourselves to making this transformation happen. We are standing at a crossroads and we are aware that we should choose the alternative that will take us to a better future instead of the current path we have taken so far. 

With our approach titled “This Is Our World” and our focus on creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders, our goal is to be among the leading global companies in the consumer staples sector in terms of sustainability. 

We are going to achieve this by focusing on our goals with the help of our “Zero-Waste Company” model and innovative perspective, and by keeping up with the pace of the changing conditions in the business and the world. 

Our “Make Happy Be Happy” philosophy reveals our promise to generations to come and is our guiding light on our journey.

Sustainability Reports

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