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Inspiring The Future With Purpose-Driven Products and Business Models

Inspiring The Future With Purpose-Driven Products and Business Models

The future is being shaped by our current actions. By investing in innovative business models, we develop different business models that will also be meaningful in the future. We, thus, believe that we can create a more resilient value chain. By offering sustainable alternatives to our customers through purpose-driven business models and products, we aim to inspire and trigger a positive transformation. We facilitate the emergence of purpose-driven products and business models by allocating more resources to innovation in order to support sustainability issues.


Doubling sustainability-oriented innovation investments by 2030 compared to the amount realized in 2021 

Responsible products: A balanced diet and an active lifestyle are absolute musts for the generations to come. As a manufacturing group that is aware of this fact and feels responsible for the good of future generations, we are working hard to ensure the well-being of our consumers in all our products. We prefer to have a two-way interaction with our consumers and use the feedback we receive from them to improve ourselves and enhance our products. By executing a responsible and transparent communication with our stakeholders, we ensure that our stakeholders are informed about all aspects of our products, and we do our best to raise their awareness. 

Innovative business models: We aim to contribute to our sustainability performance by increasing our R&D and innovation investments. Instead of keeping innovative ways of doing business as a vision, we make them a part of our daily work routine. Through the goal of doubling our sustainability-oriented innovation investments, we ensure the sustainability-oriented development of our existing product portfolio. We think that collaborations are crucial in generating innovative ideas. By designing open innovation channels, we make our relevant stakeholders a part of the solution.  We contribute to the solution of environmental and social issues through participatory processes where multiple stakeholders can make their own contributions. 

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