Growing Stonger with Stakeholders
Growing Stonger with Stakeholders

Growing Stonger with Stakeholders


Focusing on increasing diversity at all management levels, increasing the ratio of women executives in senior management to 50% by 2030, adopting the principle of equal pay for equal work 

Ensuring that all of our strategic suppliers comply with “YH Responsible Purchasing Policy” by 2030 

We identify our society as one of our key stakeholders and we consider our employees as internal stakeholders, a leading player in growing together. We are aware of the fact that diversity at the management and leadership levels will lead us to conduct meaningful and purpose-oriented operations.  We support our employees to have competencies in line with the potential needs of the future and guide our suppliers in terms of sustainability. Our efforts are focused on transforming the economic value to social contribution. Focusing on the prosperity of stakeholders, we aim to provide a supportive, transformative and strengthening contribution for our sectors. 

Equal Opportunities and Diversity: Diversity can drive organizations forward if it is accommodated in the right manner. In all our group companies, we adopt inclusion, diversity and accessibility as our key principles. We design programs to ensure gender equality, and we move forward with the goals “equal pay for equal work” and “having 50% women employees in senior management roles”. We offer a fair working environment for all our employees without excluding anyone. By prioritizing occupational health, we ensure that all our employees have a healthy and safe working environment. 

Talents of the Future: Attaining the talents of the future is critical in being an organization that inspires the future. We conduct programs for our current and potential employees to upskill them with core competencies of 21st century in order for them to adapt themselves to the future of business and changing needs for talents such that our existing talents will reach higher levels in business world. We think that it is important for us to see our employees as part of our sustainability performance and we encourage each and every colleague to contribute to sustainability. 

Prosperity of Stakeholders: We execute social programs to contribute to the social development, and these programs are designed with impact-oriented and future-oriented points of view. Every year, we allocate a certain part of our income to the subject social programs and, with social impact analysis, the social benefit that is generated becomes measurable. We are working on improving the prosperity of suppliers, our first stakeholder in the society that we have a first-hand connection, and we integrate environmental, social and ethical values into the entire supply chain. We support our strategic suppliers in order for them to comply with our responsible purchasing policy.