Women’s Platform
Women's Platform

Yıldız Holding Women's Platform

One prerequisite for human development and growth is to build a society with participation and equality at its core. We at Yıldız Holding believe that a sustainable future for our world means one where women participate in every sphere of life, especially business. Thus, we treat women and men equally, encouraging participation with equal standing.

We support equality for a better future. We empower women and ensure that they enjoy the same opportunities as their male counterparts in business.

We have one vision which is: “Investment in People.” With this in mind, our aim is to create opportunities for entire societies wherever Yildiz Holding operates. We want to provide an environment that people want to be a part of, and we want people to know us for our empowerment of women.

We value participation and gender equality in all aspects of how we do business.All our employees – women and men alike – are entitled to the same opportunities and are actively encouraged to take part in all of our operations. We also create platforms that encourage dialogue, and that allow everyone to learn from and share their experiences with one another without consideration of gender.

We have teamed up with all our employees from around the world to draft the Yıldız Holding Women’s Platform and our Manifesto: Equal Opportunity and Women’s Empowerment. In doing so, we wanted to hear everyone’s ideas so that we could create a more equal society in the future and empower our women. Our goal:  to foster a common and bias-free inter-cultural corporate culture where we treat all of our employees with equal respect and value them as individuals, regardless of their gender.

The manifesto highlights our commitments to equal opportunity discourse, working environment, and cooperation.


We’re working hard to reflect our stance on equal opportunity in all of our discourse and communications. We want to build a corporate culture on equality and inclusiveness.
  • We use gender-neutral language in all of our internal and external communications.
  • We provide all our employees equal access to training opportunities and workshops. We want to foster a prejudice-free company culture.
  • We share and support our female employees’ achievements and stories both within our company and externally.
  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any form. We offer a work culture rich in dialogue and feedback where everyone feels safe and supported.

Business Environment

We’re creating fair and safe working environment that ensures equal opportunity and that respects different lifestyle and culture for all of our employees.
  • We identify any areas that hinder equal opportunities at work, and openly set and follow through on goals to improve that.
  • We address equal opportunity at the highest level. We also design policies to foster equal opportunities in all aspects of business by setting performance goals for our managers.
  • We create for all our employees safe and cooperative work environments that are free from physical and psychological violence. We do not tolerate harassment or violence of any kind in the workplace.
  • We listen to all of our employees regarding Women’s Platform when making decisions that directly concern them.
  • We don’t divide our HR processes according to gender. All our employees enjoy equal and fair rights, especially when it comes to recruitment, promotion, salary, benefits, professional development, and workload.
  • We consider equality of opportunity at all stages of recruitment to prevent gender bias. We don’t ask candidates gender-specific questions during interviews.
  • We set goals to include more women in senior management (including the board of directors), and work to develop role models.
  • We have practices in place aimed at putting more women in roles where they are otherwise under- represented.
  • We have flexible and remote working practices as well as extended social rights policies in place to help all of our women employees maintain a balance between work and their personal lives.
  • We strive to strengthen the father’s role to support equality at home as well as at work. We develop programmes to encourage equal sharing of responsibilities in households.
  • We evaluate the strengths of our female employees and support them in their career plans. This includes offering them training, mentorship, and resources to boost their professional development.
  • We encourage and reward those who – through what they do – make a difference when it comes to equality of opportunity.


We’re working closely with external stakeholders to empower women both economically and socially.
  • We are committed to fulfilling UN Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10 regarding gender equality and reducing inequality. We aim to lead the business world by ensuring that women participate in the labour force.
  • We involve women in business and do what we can to keep them employed; this includes being present in many such platforms globally.
  • We help women receive relevant industry-training and allow them to choose their own career path in line with their strengths and available opportunities.
  • We include female entrepreneurs in all areas of activity.


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