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Women's Platform

Yıldız Holding Women's Platform

Building a participatory and egalitarian society is an undeniable necessity for human development and value-creating growth. As Yıldız Holding and its companies, we attach importance to ensuring the equal and effective participation of women in business life, based on our belief that a sustainable future on a global scale will be possible with the active participation of women in all areas of life, especially in the business world.

We see it as our responsibility to lead with the mission of "We support equal opportunity for a better future" in order to empower women and provide equal opportunity in the business world. We aim to create opportunities for Yıldız Holding in dierent companies and geographies, with the vision of "investing in people", to create opportunities for the whole society, to be among the companies that are most desirable to work with, and to be remembered with the best conditions that allow women to be empowered. In this context, as a company that values participation, equality and pluralism in all our business processes, we see equal opportunity as the common issue of all our employees, we carry out our work in a way that includes our women and men employees, and we create learning and experience sharing spaces by listening to each other.

Based on this, we prepared Yıldız Holding's Equal Opportunity and Women's Empowerment Manifesto, which we created through a participatory process that reflects the suggestions of our employees from Türkiye and globally in order to ensure equal opportunity in the business world and to empower women. With this manifesto, we promise to create a common Yıldız Holding corporate culture, free from prejudice, across countries and cultures, where all our employees are respected and valued as individuals regardless of gender, together with our employees.


We work to reflect our stance on equal opportunities in our discourse and communication language, and aim to build an egalitarian and inclusive corporate culture.
  • We do not allow discrimination in our communication language. We review our internal and external communication materials with the lens of equality and use a language free from gender stereotypes.
  • We share and support the achievements of our women employees and their inspiring stories from inside or outside the company.
  • We organize training and workshops on equal opportunities with the participation of all our employees, aiming to develop attitudes and behaviors towards creating an unbiased corporate culture.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we create a work culture where everyone feels safe and supported by open communication and feedback.

Business Environment

We create a work environment where all women and men employees can work in fair and safe conditions in business life.
  • We identify areas that prevent equal opportunities in the working environment, set and follow measurable targets for development areas, and share the steps we take with transparency.
  • We consider equal opportunity at the highest level, we set performance aims for our managers, we design policies and processes to implement equality of opportunity in all areas of the business environment.
  • We create working environments with the theme of trust and cooperation for all our employees.
  • We seek the opinions of all our employees, men and women, for important decisions that will directly concern our employees regarding the Women's Platform.
  • We do not look at our human resources processes from the perspective of women's and men's work; We offer equal and fair rights to all our employees in areas such as recruitment, promotion, wages, side benefits, development and workload.
  • In order to prevent gender-related biases, we edit all recruitment processes by considering the equal opportunity, we do not ask candidates questions that can be considered gender-specific during the recruitment process.
  • Including the Board of Directors, we set goals to increase the ratio of women employees at senior management levels and carry out studies aimed at developing role models.
  • Especially in roles where women representation is limited, we carry out practices to increase this rate.
  • We maintain work and private life balance of our women with flexible and remote working practices and policies for expanded social rights.
  • We are expanding our maternity leave practice to include both spouses, we provide the necessary support for our employees who return to work after maternity leave to continue their careers from where they left off. In order to facilitate the work life of parents, we provide nursery support and make it mandatory to have lactoriums in our offices.
  • In order to support equality at home as well as at work, we develop programs that will strengthen the role of fathers, remind men of their responsibilities at home and ensure that they take responsibility.
  • We identify the competencies of our women employees, support their career plans, carry out training and mentoring programs, provide all necessary resources to increase their professional development opportunities, and monitor their development through our monitoring and evaluation processes.
  • We develop policies to encourage and reward our employees who make a dierence in equal opportunity.


Going beyond our institutional boundaries, we support women and girls, especially the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • We support the training of women, especially in the professions in the sectors in which we operate, so that women can make choices in different occupational groups in accordance with their abilities and wishes under fair conditions.
  • We aim to lead the business world in ensuring women's participation in the workforce. To this end, we support women entrepreneurs and expand their role in the ecosystem.

Value Chain

We work for the economic and social empowerment of women in a wide chain, from suppliers to customers in our value chain.
  • We focus on women's participation in business life and their retention in employment.
  • We run programs that will empower all women in our value chain.
  • We support women entrepreneurs in our purchasing processes.


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