Yıldız Tech
Yıldız Tech

Yıldız Tech

Under the roof of Yıldız Holding, we conduct our digital innovation-driven R&D works in Yıldız Tech, which was designated as an “On-Site R&D Center”. 

We attach great importance to technology and innovation; we always act with an innovative perspective leveraging next generation technologies in every field, especially in e-commerce. Having been established in line with this approach, Yıldız Tech supports the digital applications of our Holding, especially in terms of software development, while it offers innovative solutions to companies that are not under the roof of the Holding. 

Yıldız Tech works to ensure that both Yıldız Holding companies and other companies operating in different industries benefit from adopting new technologies, achieve their goals using digital and analytical solutions, and take advantage of emerging business opportunities gaining sustainable benefits.    

Yıldız Tech received the “On-Site R&D Center” license from the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of 2022 and aims to become one of the leading players in innovation exports with its works focusing on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, metaverse and Industry 4.0. 

Reflecting Yıldız Holding’s perspectives on innovation, Yıldız Tech contributes to the innovation ecosystem in the local and international arena while bringing value added to Turkey through innovation exports!


At Yıldız Holding, our main focus is on Food and Retail sectors. Our aim is to lead the market in the Retail sector just like we aim to lead the market in the Food sector where we operate on a global scale, and we are working to further improve our companies, brands, products and services.