Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

As Yıldız Holding, we sincerely believe that diversity and inclusion are our cultural richness, and our actions are based on a notion shaped by providing equal opportunities and development for everyone including our employees and our suppliers. 

One of our strategic focal points in our sustainability approach, which we have brought together under the umbrella of the title “This is Our World” is “People”.   When we mention “People”, we are talking about not only providing added value to the communities living in places where we operate, but also creating an inclusive working environment where our employees will feel safe and content. 
We sincerely believe that characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, belief and language should never be a reason for discrimination, and we focus on providing equal opportunities at all levels of our Holding. 
We attach particular importance to providing equal opportunities for both women and men, and our employment policies are applied based on merit and skills, without making any discriminations between women and men.  We believe that we should primarily provide our current employees with equal opportunities and opportunities for development along with a business-oriented culture in order to attract talented people. 

We organize our recruitment processes accordingly, and our recruitment is based on objective criteria. Additionally, in order to support equal opportunities, we take utmost care that half of the candidates whom we evaluate in our recruitment processes are women. 

Regardless of their level in the organizational structure, we do not classify roles and responsibilities based on gender. We provide all our employees fair and equal rights in recruitments, promotions, remuneration, fringe benefits, development and workload. 
Together with Yıldız Holding Women’s Platform, which we have established to promote women’s representation in business world and to support equality of opportunity, we support women’s employment in our sphere of influence that ranges from our companies to our suppliers. We identify the competencies of our women employees, support their career plans and create mentorship programs, provide all the necessary resources to support and monitor their developments.  

Thanks to all these efforts associated with diversity and inclusion, we have currently 75 thousand employees from 70 different countries in and outside Turkey. Moreover, women employees constitute approximately 40 percent of our workforce. The ratio of women employees in managerial positions exceeds 30 percent and women executives constitute approximately 20 percent of the members of the Board of Directors of our Holding and its companies. 

Briefly stated, our practices in Yıldız Holding are based on loyalty and merit, and focus on inclusion and equal opportunities. Diversity makes us stronger!